What do you want from HVAC design software?

To design faster than ever beforeTo work much easierTo help me improve my designs

The only HVAC Software that instantly gives you:
Productivity, Simplicity, and Less Work

AXON-vent - HVAC Design Software That Instantly Gives You: More Productivity, More Simplicity, and Less Work

The only HVAC Software
that instantly gives you:
Productivity, Simplicity & Less Work

The only hybrid 2d + 3d software that will allow you to work faster than colleagues and design better than competitors

The only hybrid 2d + 3d software with everything you need.
Simple, Powerful and Flexible.

Join the 2,000+ designers using the AXON-vent software:

AXON-vent is Extremely Easy

Just 2 main toolbars

Drawing toolbar

Calculation toolbar

The familiar environment

Works in your AutoCAD®, BricsCAD® or ZWCAD®

Continue to use all powerful CAD features

AXON-vent User
AXON-vent User

“It is so much easier, faster, and more interesting to work in AXON-vent.” —Mila, HVAC Team Leader

AXON-vent on a PC
2D 3D

To work fast

You design ventilation on the 2D plan as usual, but many times faster and easier than in AutoCAD®, BricsCAD® or ZWCAD® alone

In real-time

AXON-vent can dynamically create 3D view of the system in real time as you draw on the 2D plan


HVAC specification (Schedule/BOM), Cross-sections, Pressure Drop Calculation, Isometry, BIM model, Collisions, IFC export

Natural design workflow for your advantage

Simple and Clear Commands

Set duct type
Set current duct or pipe type:
  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Flexible
  • Pipe
Select duct size
Create a description
Create an air duct
Duct elbow
Create isometry
Create 3D

Work faster
and easier

AXON-vent asks you only an absolute minimum of information that is required on each step of ventilation design


AXON-vent allows you to apply changes to your design easily. No matter how small or fundamental

Top 3 reasons to choose AXON-vent

5-7X faster

Boost your productivity

Put AXON-vent to work. Invest your time in better design decisions, instead of dealing with ineffective software!

For every user

Very easy to learn and use

AXON-vent is an intelligent software to make your work much easier, not harder


Quick start

Learn by doing your work

Start by drawing a duct – you will be working in an hour. No need to learn on test examples. It that’s easy

AXON-vent is Incredibly Fast

AXON-vent automatically does the following:

HVAC specification (Schedule/BOM)

Data collected automatically

AXON-vent | Schedule, Bill of Materials (BOM)
Pressure Drop Calculation in AXON-vent

Pressure Drop

Calculated automatically

AXON-vent performs pressure drop calculation and system balancing
3D of a Ventilation System in AXON-vent


Created automatically

AXON-vent automatically creates 3D in real time as you design on 2D plan


Created automatically

AXON-vent creates cross-sections automatically


BIM. Effortless

Created automatically

Import BIM model from AXON-vent to Autodesk Revit®, A360®, BIM360®, Navisworks® or to free Trimble Connect® software. Export to BIM-standard IFC file format. Automatically detect collisions between ventilation and other systems or architecture elements

AXON-vent is Intelligent Software

To make HVAC design easier, but better



Let AXON-vent do your routine.
Focus on better design!



Made in tight cooperation with professional HVAC designers. 10+ years of success.

Videos and Tutorials

Outstanding learning resources

AXON-vent Software Demo

See 100+ step-by-step video tutorials

AXON-vent User's Guide

Intuitive, graphically-rich user guide

Quick facts

See where AXON-vent really shines


Just can’t be easier

Go from sketch to project. Enter only absolute minimum of information on each step


Your choice

You can work in 2D only or use dynamic 3D split-view
AXON-vent can automatically create 3D later if you want


No proxy objects

AXON-vent creates standard dwg files, that can be freely opened/edited
Use AutoCAD®, BricsCAD®, ZWCAD® or any other dwg-compatible application


Total freedom

You can use all AutoCAD® / BricsCAD® / ZWCAD® drawing features: fonts, colors, layers, etc. to style and manage your drawings


Work the way you want

Metric or Imperial system. You can have all floors of your project in a single drawing or in multiple drawings


No special requirements

If your computer can run AutoCAD® / BricsCAD® / ZWCAD®, it can run AXON-vent for sure

User support

Great support is our top priority

Our main goal is the complete satisfaction of our users. It’s very important for us that you are happy with AXON-vent and recommend it to your friends and colleagues. That’s why we pay the closest attention to the support of our users. You can even send us your drawing and we will help you with a specific question in it